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Complex Challenges for the Modern Clinical Engineering Team

With healthcare technology advancing faster than ever, many hospital clinical engineering departments struggle to keep pace. Plus, the volume of moveable medical equipment (MME) has increased approximately 90% over the past 20 years. Chances are that the headcount of your healthcare technology management (HTM) team hasn’t grown at the same pace. As a result, you’re likely dealing with biomedical equipment repair backlogs, juggling vendors and managing an increased number of service contracts. The sheer volume of this biomedical repair and maintenance backlog, along with unpredictable surges in demand, often leaves healthcare technology management departments like yours frustrated and searching for answers.

Our experienced, local technicians provide a broad range of service and support capabilities to fit the specific, biomedical equipment needs, staffing challenges and goals of your hospital.
Flexible Biomedical Staffing, Scheduled Service and More

Ecare gives you ready, flexible access to qualified and experienced biomedical technicians – from biomed labor to support your in-house team to comprehensive clinical engineering programs. You can access our technicians as needed, schedule biomedical repairs and preventive maintenance on a regular basis or take advantage of our full outsource programs. The depth and technical expertise of our nationwide network gives you more choices and unlimited flexibility to help eliminate repair backlogs, improve the availability of patient-ready equipment and reduce overall equipment maintenance costs.

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Reduce Equipment Downtime

Flexible staffing options offer local, on-demand support to meet variable biomedical service demands.

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Control Costs

Quickly eliminate hospital biomedical repair backlogs driving unnecessary rental and capital costs.

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Reporting and Analytics

Simplify regulatory reporting and inform equipment acquisition plans with the Ecare online portal

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Support Optimal Patient Outcomes

Protect your patients by ensuring biomedical repairs and maintenance meet industry-leading quality standards.

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One element of a broader cost saving solution

Ecare is rapidly becoming a preferred source for biomedical support because of the quality of our technicians and the flexibility of our offerings. Ecare offers an approach that fixes processes within your hospital to multiply cost savings and deliver valuable clinical improvements.

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